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Modern lives can be stressful, demanding, and even complex. When you or a loved one struggles with addiction, things can appear significantly worse.

In these situations, many people benefit from the help, support, and guidance that medical experts, therapists, and recovery professionals can offer.

At Tulip Hill, therapy is one of our staple treatments. Through consistent sessions with professional and experienced therapists, we ensure our clients receive the emotional support and care they require to achieve a full recovery.


What Is One-to-One Therapy?

There are different types of one-to-one therapy available, such as psychotherapy, psychosocial therapy, talking therapy, and counseling. Irrespective of how you refer to one-to-one therapy, there are several common themes and basic structures to this form of counseling.

Our trained therapists spend forty-five to sixty minutes per session talking with you about your issues to identify the underlying cause of the problem. Eventually, you will come to understand these factors and uncover how you can heal.

At Tulip Hill, individual therapy is a crucial step to recovery. In the screening call or visit made before admission, our experts attempt to fully comprehend the general outline of a client's particulars based on a series of questions and interviews.

Following this, customized treatment plans are developed. These plans outline how many one-to-one therapy sessions are required and detail any additional treatments you may need. However, it should be noted that this entirely depends on your specific situation.

All of our one-to-one therapy sessions are entirely confidential. This policy enables and encourages the client to be frank, candid, and forthcoming. 

“They have done a FANTASTIC job with Tulip Hill Recovery. Highly recommend them for anyone seeking drug and alcohol treatment.” - David, Former Client

One-to-One Therapy for Substance Use Disorders

One-to-one therapy can do wonders for any form of complaint, especially substance abuse. This is because therapy helps unearth any underlying factors that contribute to addiction. Moreover, as substance use disorders often co-occur with other mental health conditions, one-to-one therapy helps treat both conditions simultaneously.

At Tulip Hill, our clients receive the best one-to-one therapy available. Each individual is carefully assessed, and in the event of dual diagnosis, we ensure our clients receive all requisite and applicable care.

Our therapists uncover the reason behind the addiction and aid in remedying underlying issues. They also help the client work through their feelings and concerns regarding the past and the recovery process. All in all, they try their best to ensure that our clients maintain their sobriety.

Benefits of One-to-One Therapy

One-to-one therapy is an effective addiction treatment method that provides a safe space for clients to uncover the reasons behind their problems. At Tulip Hill, our experts recommend therapy for all clients to increase the chance of long-term freedom from substances. Through one-to-one therapy, clients will:

  • Achieve a deeper understanding of their feelings
  • Deal with the pain and anger underlying the addiction
  • Replace negative thinking patterns and coping strategies
  • Increase mental resilience
  • Foster a better relationship with their family

Being able to open up and display vulnerability is critical for long-term recovery. Connection to others is also vital for maintaining our sobriety. Unfortunately, many of our clients arrive feeling like they can’t share their problems due to shame and social stigma.

One-to-one therapy is a fantastic way of practicing talking through complicated feelings in a controlled and safe environment. You’ll build a deep, trusting bond with your therapist, and you’ll be able to see all the benefits of sharing what’s going on rather than bottling any concerns up.

Client Confidentiality

The primary purpose of the therapist is to help the client deal with their problems and help them overcome the difficulties they experience. The information that the client shares with our therapists always remains confidential.

A therapist is only legally allowed to reveal information if there is a high probability that the client will harm themselves or others. Family members and loved ones will not be informed of any of the proceedings. Therefore, we guarantee and assure our clients of absolute confidentiality.

Tips for Therapy

Our therapists are perfectly non-judgmental; their only goal is to help you understand how you can achieve long-term recovery. For this very reason, we advise our clients not to hold anything back. Our therapists are highly skilled professionals and will always show you the respect and care you deserve.

When the therapist asks for specific information, try to think carefully and remember all the facts and surrounding circumstances. Although it may appear unimportant, this will help us understand your problems.

Therapy of all forms and in all conditions requires facing one's fears and confronting some uncomfortable elements. But there's no reason to be afraid. 

Our Tulip Hill therapists walk our clients through every step and help them make sense of their feelings, emotions, and insecurities.

One-to-One Therapy at Tulip Hill

At Tulip Hill, we help those in need overcome adversity, defeat addiction, accomplish their goals, and regain physical and psychological health.

If you’re ready to take that first step toward finding recovery, please contact us through our website or call us on 877-845-8192.


  • Wonderful environment. The staff is exceptional. The care they show clients is above and beyond what anybody could expect. I genuinely give credit to Tulip Hill for helping me to start down a NEW part of my life. Thank you, Tulip Hill!

    - Chad, Former Client

  • They truly are an amazing place. I was able to learn and cope with emotions. The staff actually cares and understands how to help. I would definitely recommend treatment here!

    - Lanny, Former Client

  • They have done a FANTASTIC job with Tulip Hill Recovery. Highly recommend them for anyone seeking drug and alcohol treatment.

    - David, Former Client

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