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Understanding the different types of addiction rehabs in Tennessee

Home Blog Understanding the different types of addiction rehabs in Tennessee

If you are struggling with an addiction to substances or alcohol, it’s important to get some help from professional treatment. It can be nearly impossible to overcome an addiction on your own because of the physical and mental dependencies the substance or alcohol has built up in your body.

Finding treatment may seem overwhelming because there are a variety of options. While it’s beneficial to know the difference between them all, we suggest not fretting over it and letting the differences get in the way. You can always talk to a professional about your addiction, and they can point you in the right direction for treatment.

There are several different rehabs in Tennessee for addiction recovery. Take a moment to learn about the different types of treatment that may benefit you.


Detoxification, more commonly known as detox, is usually used as one part of a wider treatment program. However, it can also be used on its own in certain circumstances. 

Detox is a monitored period of slowly weaning off drugs or alcohol in a safe environment until your body no longer has a chemical dependency on them. It’s important that this is done in a professional setting. Attempting to detox yourself can result in negative health effects and potentially be life threatening.

Outpatient addiction treatment

Outpatient treatment refers to a one-time appointment or recurring visits that occur at a place of treatment. During the time of treatment, you stay in your own home instead of living in a monitored, group recovery home.

This type of treatment program usually requires regular drug tests to ensure that the client is on track with recovery in order to stay in the program. 

Group programs

When you think of recovering from alcohol addiction, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is probably one of the first organizations that come to mind. Groups like AA help people connect with others who can relate to their struggles. This creates an environment of care and accountability that have helped many people live in recovery from their addictions.

Often, attending a group program like AA is used in conjunction with professional treatment or afterward as you continue living free of substance or alcohol abuse after treatment.

Inpatient addiction treatment

With inpatient treatment, clients recovering from addiction live in clinical environments, usually a group recovery home that is managed by a recovery professional. These programs involve several days of treatment that may include detox, therapy, and other programs designed to help clients reduce dependency on drugs and alcohol and build healthier habits. 

Dual diagnosis addiction treatment

The dual diagnosis approach is the newest form of treatment for addiction. More centers are embracing this approach because of its effectiveness in helping people recover from addiction and stay free from it with less of a chance of relapsing.

The dual diagnosis approach is a form of inpatient treatment that goes beyond treating the addiction. It also involves treating mental health disorders that may be the cause of the addiction or may have formed because of it.

By treating mental health disorders, clients are empowered to cope with their struggles without turning to drugs or alcohol as coping mechanisms.

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