The Tulip Hill difference

What makes Tulip Hill Different?

You might be wondering if, since there are many addiction recovery centers available across the country, why someone would choose Tulip Hill Recovery? What is it that makes Tulip Hill different?

Tulip Hill Recovery is different in a lot of ways from other recovery facilities. Our approach, our team and how we help people start recovery and continue it for the rest of their lives requires a passionate and personal level of care that we all share. We believe in helping people. We’re not about competition or getting a minimum quota of clients in the door. Our true victory is your success in life, and we’re going to do everything in our power to help you overcome addiction and mental health challenges to achieve success.

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Our approach

Many recovery centers or detox centers treat an addiction with a little therapy and medication and then send a client out the door to start their lives back up. Not surprisingly, many people who go through these programs relapse because they have nowhere else to go and are unable to cope with their personal challenges.

At Tulip Hill, we take a dual diagnosis approach to treat both an addiction and the mental health issues that cause or are caused by it. These mental health issues are often what drives someone to turn to drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism. As we help you recover from your addiction, we also help you develop healthier coping skills and provide long-term therapy to help you improve your mental health. By doing this, you can reduce your dependency on drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism and focus more on living a happier and more fulfilling life.

Our team

Our team is small and closely knit. We are driven by an ethical code to help everyone we can recover from their addiction and cope with their mental health challenges. Because our team is so closely knit, we can communicate well with one another to coordinate our treatment efforts for each client.

Our therapists, house managers, case managers and technicians rely on each other’s information to get a bigger picture of your needs and your recovery progress. 

We also strive to keep every member of our team involved in the decision-making processes. In larger, more corporate recovery institutions, directors and other higher-ups who are not directly involved with clients tend to make the decisions. At Tulip Hill, we believe the people who work directly with the clients have the best perspective on what’s best for the clients.


Ben’s responsibilities include supervising and managing the staff while working with them to create an environment where our clients can maximize their future. He is committed to motivating and empowering the clients and working with the team to help every person that comes to Tulip Hill Recovery. Ben graduated with his Master of Science in Applied Psychology from Lynn University. He received his Bachelor of Science at Middle Tennessee State University and is originally from Murfreesboro, Tennessee.


Laura leads the clinical team by providing supervision to clinical staff and collaborating with team members to ensure our clients get the highest quality of care. She works closely with families to educate them on how to support, not enable, their loved ones. Laura also conducts group therapy using process techniques, experiential therapy, and psychoeducation. During her individual therapy sessions, Laura uses EMDR, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, cognitive reframing, and dialectal behavior therapy. Laura graduated Summa Cum Laude from Florida Atlantic University with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. She also received her master’s degree in social work from Florida Atlantic University.


Tess is responsible for planning and upholding policies and procedures for Tulip Hill Recovery. She works to ensure organizational effectiveness and improve day to day operations for the facility. Tess maintains vendor relationships, processes payroll and ensures appropriate and timely reporting to State, Local and Federal agencies. She also works with the clients to restore a connection between their mind’s and bodies by leading yoga and mindfulness groups. Tess was raised in New Jersey and graduated with honors from Florida Atlantic University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and a licensed massage therapist (LMT), having attended Palm Beach State College in Boca Raton, Florida.


Laura Beth gained clinical experience working as a therapist at an inpatient facility treating individuals who struggle with addiction while providing support and direction to their family members. She also has experience working in pediatric and medical settings, helping clients navigate through the process of treatment from a holistic perspective. Laura Beth is passionate about helping those she works with find a place of peace and hope to move forward with their future regardless of what they have been through. Her specialties include: Addiction, Co-dependency, Emotion Focused Therapy, Family, Trauma, Anxiety, and Depression. Laura Beth is currently on track to pursue licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor Mental Health Service Provider. She received her Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Lipscomb University.


Nabila’s goal as a primary therapist is to help our clients improve their emotional health and facilitate positive life changes through collaboration with their families. She uses her specific training in Somatic and Attachment-Focused EMDR, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Play Therapy, Mindfulness, and Motivational Interviewing. Nabila also specializes in working with young children, adolescents, domestic violence victims, and the Muslim community. She is very passionate about working with individuals struggling with trauma. Nabila graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Nabila is currently on track to gain licensure as a Licensed Professional Counselor.




Emily works with our clients in a variety of areas while maintaining constant communication with clinical staff to ensure each person is receiving collaborative care. She provides assessment, planning and facilitation to assist clients with gaining access to medical, social, educational, and other services. Her daily duties may include anything from correspondence with legal representatives or probation officers to coordination of outside medical providers. Emily also works with the clinical team to create successful discharge plans for our clients. She is originally from Jasper, Tennessee.


As the Director of Residential Services, Brittany is the liaison between the clinical team and our residential staff. Brittany works closely with the clinical staff to support our clients in developing life skills needed for their transition to independent living. She and her team of behavioral health technicians are responsible for ensuring that our clients have everything they need at our sober living facilities. She is currently in school for social work and is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio.


Tyler is passionate about carrying the message of recovery and supporting those who struggle with substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. As a business development representative, he helps clients and families navigate through the difficulties of accessing treatment. Tyler develops and maintains relationships with other professionals in the field and stays connected to those he has helped over the past several years. His mission is for the people that he interacts with to have the support that he wished he and his family had when he started his journey in recovery. Tyler was born and raised most in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.


As a clinical consultant and outreach coordinator, Marcy assists the clinical team by providing clinical assessment to facilitate appropriate care for our clients. She acts as a liaison between Tulip Hill Recovery and other legal, behavioral, and medical facilities. Marcy offers consultations with clients and their families and provides resources and referrals when appropriate. She worked as a business development representative in both the physical and mental health fields for over a decade and became a licensed nurse in 2011. Marcy is originally from Warren County, Tennessee.

The admissions process

We do our best to make it easy for people who need help to get help. Not everyone who contacts us or walks into our doors is a good fit for the treatment we can provide. However, we will never abandon anyone. If you contact us for help and we think there is another organization better suited for addressing your needs, we will do everything we can to help you get in touch with them.

If we believe our team can help you recover from addiction and start rebuilding your life, we will guide you through the admissions process, which involves answering some questions so we can form a strategy that works best for your recovery.

One of the biggest differences between our admissions process and that of other treatment centers is our billing strategy. We work with our clients to manage all billing upfront rather than sending you a bill after treatment. Facilities that bill you afterward like hospitals tend to nickel and dime you for everything they can. We don’t want to do that. We want to help, and we feel the best way to do this is to handle the billing upfront so you can focus entirely on your treatment.

Continued support

Treating someone and sending them back out into the real world on their own is not good enough for us at Tulip Hill. Our clients rely on continued support to help them adjust to the challenges of reintegrating into society as a sober individual. Without support, they might find it difficult to live a healthy lifestyle, find a job, or abstain from alcohol or substances. 

We provide continued support in many ways, including:

  • Job training
  • Resume reviews
  • Transportation to interviews
  • Transportation to and from work
  • Assistance in building life skills, such as cleanliness, organization and other responsibilities

"This program did more than save my life, it gave me one worth living. Through working with the clinical team as well as the rest of the staff I was able to find the things that were getting in the way of me living a drug-free life. The structure of the program helped lay the groundwork for my new life by creating a healthy routine and motivating me to put action towards bettering myself. Thanks to Tulip Hill Recovery's staff and their efforts to help me begin my new life, I’ve been inspired to give back by working with others suffering from substance abuse."

-LM, Texas

We’re Here to help

Talking to someone about treatment for addiction can be intimidating, but we’re here to make it as easy and accessible as possible. If you or a loved one needs professional help, we are always available to talk and answer any questions you may have about treatment or recovery. Please contact us online or call us at 877-845-8192 to get in touch with our team and start the recovery journey.

Murfreesboro Location

1800 S Rutherford Blvd #103,
Murfreesboro, TN 37130

Jackson Location

228 West Baltimore Street
Jackson, TN 38301


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