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When someone you love hurts, you hurt, too. If a person you love needs help with addiction, it can be hard to know what to do. How to get someone into rehab may seem confusing, but we can help. Our guide provides you with steps to take to support the person who needs help.

Arm Yourself With Knowledge

How to get someone into rehab begins with educating yourself about addiction. Let go of the idea that your loved one is just not trying hard enough. Addiction is a medical condition, not the result of laziness or a lack of morals. Once addiction has someone in its grip, it’s very difficult for that someone to stop. They may know alcohol or drugs are harming them. Nonetheless, they cannot summon the power to quit on their own. 

The person may have tried to quit drinking or using drugs before. As a result, they likely experienced withdrawal symptoms. These can cause physical pain. They can also often trigger difficult emotions, like depression and anxiety. Consequently, the person returns to using substances to end the withdrawal symptoms. 

Start a Conversation

In relationships, it’s common to feel as though there are certain lines you can’t cross. People often avoid discussing tough subjects like addiction and mental health. They may feel awkward about bringing them up. They may worry they will say the wrong thing. In fact, they often hope the problem will go away on its own. 

Your loved one may be waiting for you to address the problem. They may feel like if you don’t say anything, they must not be that bad off. The kindest thing you can do is have a conversation with your loved one. Letting them know they are in trouble goes a long way. In addition, telling them you can help means a lot. 

Approach your loved ones when they are sober. Stay calm in your attitude and words. Communicate using sentences starting with “I feel” rather than “you make me feel.” This helps the conversation feel less like an accusation.  When it’s their turn to speak, listen to them. Let them know you have looked for help for them. If they know you have a solution in mind, it can help them agree to it.

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Questions You Can Ask

Many people find it difficult to admit they have a problem. The conversation you need to have may involve helping someone see the light. You can ask some questions to help them understand their situation better. These questions can include:

  • Do you use alcohol or drugs despite how they harm you?
  • Do your loved ones believe you have a problem?
  • Has alcohol or drug use affected your relationships, career, or schooling?
  • Do you have mood swings or personality changes related to using substances?
  • Do you get withdrawal symptoms when not drinking or using drugs?
  • Are you aware that you need help but are afraid to ask for it?

How to Get Someone Into Rehab: Offer To Help Out While They Are Away

Sometimes people worry that their home lives will fall apart if they leave. Part of how to get someone into rehab can include offering practical help. Think about what help the person may need while they are away for treatment. Decide what assistance you can offer. Talk to friends and family and see who else might want to help. As a result, your loved one may feel more at ease leaving for rehab. 

Areas to volunteer to help can involve getting ready to leave for treatment. Offer to do things like help pack or do laundry. Arrange to have their mail held or lawn care done. Ask if they need help making sure bills are paid in their absence. You can also provide help while they are gone. Many people are more likely to go to rehab if they don’t worry about who they leave behind. Look for resources to take care of their kids. Offer to pet sit or come water their plants. Ask them about any extra help they may need. 

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Spell Out Consequences

Often, a person avoids getting help for their addiction because they don’t feel pressure to do it. How to get someone in rehab can involve laying out consequences for not doing so. Speak to your loved one calmly but firmly. Tell them that they have reached the point where getting help is the only answer. Make it clear that you love them. Consequently, you want them to be healthy and happy. 

You may be providing money or other resources they rely on. Tell them that if they do not get treatment, that will end. You may sometimes provide excuses for their behavior. You might cover up evidence of their substance abuse. Tell them that stops now. Part of being a responsible adult means learning to rely on themselves. Tell them you love and support them. Still, continuing to help them in practical ways depends on their seeking treatment. Set these boundaries and stick to them. 

How to Get Someone Into Rehab Starts with Tulip Hill Recovery’s Program

At Tulip Hill Recovery, we aim to make the recovery journey as easy as possible. This helps your loved ones return to their lives sober and happy. In addition, it helps you rebuild positive relationships with them. We treat each person at our facility as an individual. We get to know them and their recovery needs. 

Our treatment options include Partial Hospitalization (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient (IOP). Each treatment plan includes group therapy sessions. We also offer medical management and therapeutic care. We teach basic life skills to help people live independent lives. We also provide aftercare programs. This increases a person’s ability to stay sober after they leave us.

We believe that mental health plays a vital role in the development of addiction. As a result, we address mental illness in our treatment plans. We take into account each person’s mental health. Then, we create a plan that helps them manage it better. Doing so works in tandem with their addiction treatment.

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Addiction Treatment for Your Loved Ones in Tennessee 

Tulip Hill Recovery understands how scary addiction is. Families worry about their loved ones and want to get them help. We provide effective treatment for substance use disorders. In addition, we treat mental health conditions. If you or someone you love needs help, there is hope. Our team can answer your questions about how to get someone into rehab. Contact us today!

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