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People often suffer from symptoms of emotional distress that result from past or current life events. As a result of this, they often find it difficult to cope with everyday life. Nevertheless, EMDR therapy near the Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Franklin, Tennessee areas helps take away the negative power this has over them. In addition, this popular treatment helps with many symptoms of mental illness as well as addiction.

What Is EMDR? 

Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) has become a popular therapy used to help many people. To further explain, EMDR began in the 1980s and fortunately is now commonly used to treat trauma-based mental illness. Moreover, it can help reduce and eliminate things like flashbacks as well as traumatic events. Furthermore, it can also aid in training the brain to reprocess these memories. This, in fact, helps lessen many negative emotions the person normally associates with their trauma. 

EMDR should therefore only be conducted by trained clinicians. For example, some use special equipment to conduct the process. In contrast, others ask the person to follow their hand movements or those of a small penlight. Hence, the person verbally recalls the trauma from their life while following the clinician’s instructions. Thus, clients may use tapping motions with their fingers during the sessions. Several sessions of EMDR Therapy Murfreesboro can indeed provide great relief for those suffering from trauma as a result.

Phases of EMDR Treatment

EMDR therapy in Murfreesboro takes place over several sessions. First, it begins with a session centered on talking about the patient’s history. Second, they identify the traumatic event and how it affects them. Third, the therapist will then explain the details of the next sessions as well. Last but not least, the patient thus learns how to ground themselves, and in addition, can feel safer.

Next, a general assessment is made. Then, the bulk of the sessions begins. Consequently, the patient will be asked to do things like:

  • Recall a memory-related visual image
  • Identify a negative and a positive belief about themselves
  • Identify any related emotional and physical sensations they have
  • Rate positive and negative associations related to the traumatic event

The therapist will begin using movement techniques. Next, the patient follows instructions related to eye movement. This part of the process takes place over several sessions.

The final stages of EMDR involve achieving closure. The patient may keep a log of their new reactions and feelings. Hence, the therapist can make sure the person has learned their new skills. The patient can then enter a maintenance phase. This involves continuing to use the skills they have learned. 

EMDR Therapy In Murfreesboro

What Does EMDR Treat?

EMDR helps treat a variety of conditions. Studies continue on its effectiveness. As a result, more mental and physical health symptoms get added to the list. Conditions EMDR proves effective in treating include:

  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Panic attacks
  • Anxiety
  • Emotional distress
  • Eating disorders
  • Addiction to drugs and alcohol
  • Emotional issues specific to military veterans
  • Pain and muscle tension

A trained EMDR clinician can help determine if this therapy is right for an individual.

Benefits of EMDR Therapy Murfreesboro

Many benefits can result from engaging in EMDR therapy in Murfreesboro. Once someone finishes EMDR, they often report a higher quality of life. They can discuss their traumatic event without it causing them to become overwhelmed. The person is able to put what happened into a new perspective. In addition, they feel empowered because their lives are no longer ruled by trauma. Automatic reactions, such as flashbacks or crying jags, become part of their past. 

Populations and conditions that respond positively to EMDR include:

Mental Health Conditions

EMDR is commonly known for helping those with PTSD. Furthermore, it helps people struggling with other mental illnesses. These include depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and eating disorders. As well, veterans often find that EMDR is a great choice among options to help with PTSD.  

Medical Ailments

People who have PTSD often suffer from related medical symptoms. The stress can cause them to experience things like pain, respiratory issues, digestive problems, and more. These medical problems may result from the burden of living with constant stress and anxiety. In fact, receiving EMDR therapy can help people greatly reduce or eliminate these medical ailments. As a result, EMDR often helps a person feel better physically.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction

People who have PTSD also sometimes end up abusing drugs or alcohol. They do so in order to ease their trauma symptoms. While that may provide initial temporary relief, many go on to develop an addiction. When traumatic symptoms stop being a problem, it becomes easier to heal from addiction. In fact, this is why many treatment programs treat both mental illness and substance use disorders together.

client in a therapy session with her counselor

Do You Need EMDR Therapy In Murfreesboro?

Those not familiar with EMDR may not know if this treatment can work for them. An EMDR clinician can discuss a person’s specific needs to see if it’s a good fit. People who often do well with EMDR include those who deal with the following:

  • A diagnosis of PTSD
  • Past or current physical or sexual assaults
  • Exposure to combat and other military actions 
  • Survivors of natural disasters (hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, etc.)
  • Substance use disorders
  • Jobs as first responders, such as firefighters, law enforcement, and paramedics
  • Serious illness
  • Eating disorders
  • The loss of a loved one
  • Bullying
  • Ongoing medical pain

EMDR Therapy in Murfreesboro

When a person experiences trauma, it changes their lives. Tulip Hill Recovery in Murfreesboro helps people overcome the impact trauma causes. We treat many kinds of trauma-based mental illnesses. We also provide help for addiction to drugs and alcohol. Contact us today and find out how EMDR can take the trauma out of the equation in your life. 

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