How to help a family member with addiction

How to help a family member with addiction
Author: Tulip Hill Recovery
Published: January 8, 2021

It’s difficult to accept that someone you love is struggling with an addiction. However, your intervention may be exactly the support they need to reach out for help.

Breaking free from addiction takes a lot of work, but the outcome is rewarding for the person in recovery as well as those they care about. With the help and guidance of a team of professional therapists and clinicians, your loved one can break free from addiction and realize a happier future is possible. 

Helping a family member with addiction

Starting the conversation is one of the biggest steps you can take toward helping a loved one with addiction. Once you lovingly and patiently let them know about the problem you see and how it’s affecting them and those around them, you can point them in the direction of help.

Treatment recovery centers offer different services that can help your loved one recover from substance or alcohol addiction. At Tulip Hill Recovery, our range of services include:

  • Partial hospitalization (PHP) — PHP is traditionally a 30-day treatment model that includes therapeutic care and daily supervision by our team of clinical and medical professionals. This level of care is designed to effect positive, long-term changes in those recovering from addiction.
  • Intensive outpatient (IOP) — IOP is usually the next step after PHP, though some patients may benefit by starting care in IOP directly. This level of care includes continued therapy and recovery programs while helping your loved one slowly transition into going back into the real world.
  • Continued support — Everyone who goes through treatment needs to have reliable support they can count on afterward. During recovery, you and your loved one will receive the resources you need to equip yourselves for ongoing support. Additionally, your loved one will have the support of the Tulip Hill community, including our staff and other patients who have gone through recovery.

Start your recovery journey at Tulip Hill Recovery

At Tulip Hill Recovery, we focus on discovering what factors in your life may be contributing to addiction in order to treat it at its main source. Our treatment model emphasizes the dual diagnosis approach, which means we treat addiction as well as co-occurring mental health disorders that might be fueling the addiction. This helps a person in recovery become better equipped for dealing with the challenges of mental health disorders without feeling like they need substances or alcohol to cope.

Are you ready to talk to someone about treatment for addiction for someone you love? Please contact us online or call us at 877-845-8192 to get in touch with our team and help start the recovery journey.

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