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4 Things To Consider When Looking For Alcohol Rehab Centers Near You

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When you or someone you care about is struggling with alcohol, it’s time to consider visiting an alcohol rehab center for treatment. However, if there are several alcohol rehab centers near you, you might wonder which one is right for you or your loved one.

Deciding on a treatment center can be overwhelming and even discouraging. You may have reviewed websites, read reviews online, or contacted a center for more information, but the feeling of uncertainty may still remain.

If you’re researching alcohol rehab centers near you, here are some questions we think you should keep in mind.

1. What is the staff like?

Is the staff at the rehab center you’re interested in friendly and helpful? Do they work closely together to get to know each client’s needs and the challenges they face in their individual journeys? Do they have credentials, experience and positive reviews?

You can usually find this information online, but it also helps to contact a center or visit it in person to get a feel for what the staff is like. 

2. Is there housing?

When beginning your recovery journey, it is helpful to live in a home with others on the same path while under the supervision of a clinical professional. At Tulip Hill Recovery, our clients can live in one of our sober living residences. This helps keep you accountable for staying sober and keeps you motivated for staying on track in your recovery journey. Plus, you get to build a community of support and friendship that can last for a lifetime.

3. Will my mental health needs be met?

Often, there are co-occurring mental health disorders that can lead to your need for alcohol use or develop because of it. Either way, it’s important to address co-occurring mental health disorders as part of your treatment. Mental health professionals can help you build healthier coping mechanisms for mental health issues, so you feel less inclined to turn to alcohol to cope with them.

4. Can I afford it?

We put this question last on the list because we believe it should never be a hindrance to you in seeking treatment. There are a variety of treatment centers available for people of all economic backgrounds, and our team at Tulip Hill is committed to helping you find the treatment you need, whether it’s with us or somewhere better suited for your needs. However, we understand that the question about cost is important to many people, so we want to address it.

If you’re thinking about the cost of an addiction recovery center, you should consider what all you get out of it. A center that provides a dual diagnosis treatment approach and helps you reintegrate to society can offer you more than a detox clinic that puts you back on the street after a few days.

Additionally, you need to review your health insurance plan and see what it covers. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace plans recognize mental health and drug and alcohol addiction as essential health issues that must be covered for treatment on some level. If you have an ACA insurance plan, check to see what kind of coverage it provides. 

If you need help, our team at Tulip Hill Recovery can help you review your plan.

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