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Approaching the topic of substance or alcohol abuse can be tricky. Although we want to understand how to help someone, we’re often worried about how they’ll take it. It’s also not something that most people plan for – and that’s OK.

At Tulip Hill, we have several resources that can help you start the conversation about recovery and ultimately aid someone in getting there. Below, you’ll find just a few of them.

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Starting the Conversation

Addiction can sneak up on you unnoticed, and even then, many people have a hard time admitting they have a problem. Some flatly deny it and claim that they’re not affected by substance abuse. Meanwhile, others take a completely different approach and decide to deal with it on their own. Whether motivated to do so out of shame or reluctance to share their pain, they tend to take the whole burden on themselves.

Substance use disorders and their accompanying issues are serious problems. If you or a loved one are suffering, you must obtain as much help as possible. Having a supportive person on your side can be a relief and source of comfort in your journey to health.

At Tulip Hill, we have a very open policy surrounding the path that needs to be taken to achieve optimal health and recovery. During the screening call or visit you undergo before commencing treatment, our experts will provide you with a general overview of the process ahead. Once you officially become a client, our team of experts will make it their priority to help you and support you throughout the process.

They’ll openly and candidly discuss the journey ahead. Moreover, they’ll elaborate on the treatment plan they’ve devised, compliant with your condition, and elucidate on why it’s suited to your unique circumstances. Additionally, they’ll answer all your questions and help you through any misgivings you might have.

Deciding to recover from substance abuse is an important decision, and anyone who takes that step is brave. It can be beneficial to receive advice from people who have traveled the same path and know what lies ahead.

At Tulip Hill, we comprehensively cover and explain each step of the way. There will be no instance where you will be compelled or uncomfortable in blindly going along a path. After all, it’s your journey, and you’ll tread it fully aware and with eyes wide open.

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Supporting Someone Through Rehab

Substance abuse and related issues can become quite wearying for both those battling addiction and their loved ones. But this shouldn’t stop you from taking that first step and trying to recover your health. On the contrary, it should motivate you to restore your life and relationships to a healthy state.

Although rehab can seem complicated, it can be made smoother through help and support. At Tulip Hill, we endeavor to do our best to ensure our clients are supported throughout the treatment process. This support extends to family members as well.

Throughout rehab, family members need support and care too. For this very reason, we offer a safe space for families to talk through and resolve their apprehensions and suffering. Group therapy and family therapy are often utilized to restore relationships and rebuild them.

Group therapy can be particularly beneficial as it enables those in recovery to uncover how those in similar situations have progressed through treatment. In addition, group therapy provides a safe space to ensure that each member can talk freely about their experiences in a warm and supportive environment.

If a loved one or family member is struggling with addiction and substance abuse, there are several steps you can take to support them and help them adhere to their treatment plan. At Tulip Hill, our specialists will walk you through these steps, enabling you to contribute to your loved one’s healing process and to prepare for rehab.

Typically, we advise family members to learn more about the treatment process and the steps it entails. In doing so, you can better understand how your loved one is feeling during each stage. You can also provide them with support and strength by acknowledging the difficulty of their path.

As our experts will inform you, these simple measures will go a long way in helping your loved one recover from their substance abuse. At Tulip Hill, our goal is to help our clients recover from substance abuse and rebuild their lives and relationships. We are committed to assisting them to achieve long-term sobriety in which they will live a healthy, happy life.

We’re waiting to help you make a new life

Tulip Hill Recovery

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Addiction takes its toll on both the person battling it as well as their family members. When finally deciding to fight its temptations, support and care essentially make the journey more bearable.

At Tulip Hill, we’ll do our utmost best to provide the requisite help, care, and support our clients deserve. Our experts and therapists will be there to help you and your family every step of the way.

If you have any questions or would like to find out more about the services and treatment plans we offer, please contact us today.

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