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Why are Opioids so Addictive?

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Opioid addiction is a chronic condition that can cause a number of health and behavioral problems that impact your life and the lives of those around you. Opioids come in many forms, including illegal forms like heroin as well as legal forms like prescription medication. 

However, even when using prescription medication as ordered, it’s possible to find yourself feeling the urge to use more. This is because opioids are incredibly addictive substances. The payoff for treating pain by using opioids comes at a cost that can lead to a crippling addiction that takes over your life.

The good news is, opioid addiction can be treated with the help of professionals who specialize in addiction recovery. However, to get there, you must first be willing to admit you have a problem and need help.

Why are Opioids so Addictive?

Opioids create a massive release of endorphins in the body. Endorphins are your body’s natural painkillers that also cause sensations of pleasure or reward. Your brain can shut down its usual production of endorphins once you start using opioids. This leads to the conclusion that the only way to achieve that feeling produced by endorphins is to use more opioids to get that release. 

Because opioids are a common prescription medication for people with chronic pain or severe injuries, it’s important for people to be aware of the risks of opioid use. If you use prescription opioids and feel yourself wanting to use medication more frequently than prescribed, talk to your doctor or an addiction treatment professional about what to do.

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Are you or someone you know struggling with opioid addiction? Whether the opioids in question are legally or illegally obtained, addiction is always a real threat. It’s almost impossible to recover from addiction on your own because of the dependency you develop on the substance. However, professionals can help you break free of your addiction and learn how to cope with mental health issues that might be fuelling your addiction.

At Tulip Hill Recovery, we focus on discovering what factors in your life may be contributing to your addiction in order to treat it at its main source. 

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