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32 Addiction & Mental Health Resources For Latinx College Students

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The opioid epidemic has been running rampant across America for the last decade. While every ethnic group in the country has been affected, some groups have been hit harder than others. In particular, Latinx people have been impacted disproportionately harder than their white counterparts all across the country. This is especially true for Latinx college students.

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A Look At The Problem

According to SAMHSA’s 2020 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, just over 13% of Latinxs (5.7 million people) aged 18 or older had a substance abuse problem. Of these, over 44% struggled with illicit drugs and 75% struggled with alcohol addiction. Alcohol abuse is extremely common during college years, so college-aged Latinxs may be disproportionately affected even amongst the Latinx population overall.

Mental health issues are similarly common within the Latinx community and Latinx college students in particular. According to the same SAMHSA study, over 18% of Latinxs (7.7 million people) 18 or older experience a mental health issue. Of these people, nearly 25% experienced a serious mental health issue.

When mental health issues and addiction occur in the same person, the problems presented by each condition are amplified. As of 2020, 5.8% of Latinx Americans (2.4 million people) experienced both a mental illness and a substance use disorder. Having accessible and effective resources available can go a long way toward getting someone the help they need to recover. Below, we have listed resources specifically for Latinx college students that can help them overcome the struggles of substance abuse and mental health issues.

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Latinx college students

Addiction Resources for Latinx College Students

  • FindTreatment.gov: This website in an initiative by SAMHSA that can help connect people with affordable addiction recovery services near them.
  • SAFE Project – Latinx Addiction Resources: The SAFE Project is a nonprofit organization that aims to reduce the damage done by the opioid epidemic and untreated mental health conditions. Their website provides a resource page that provides information and resources specifically for Latinx people struggling with addiction or mental health issues.
  • BIPOC Recovery Dharma: Safe space for BIPOC-only individuals in or seeking recovery.
  • Latino Service Providers: This is a community service organization that works to provide a wide range of helpful resources to young Latinx people and their families. Although headquartered in Sonoma County California, their resource guides provide nationwide coverage.
  • United We Dream: This organization is a self-described hub for “all things immigration” and provides helpful resources for first or second generation Latinx American immigrants and their families.
  • Southeast Addiction Center – Highly rated provider with rehab centers in Nashville and Atlanta. They also have a detox center in Georgia that services the entire southeast.
  • The Steve Fund – Youth Healing Space: The Steve Fund is a national non-profit that aims to improve the wellbeing of people of color. Their resource page “Youth Healing Space” provides an array of resources devoted to helping young people of color all across the country.
  • LiveAnotherDay.org: Drug addiction & mental health treatment center directory featuring the top-reviewed rehab facilities in Tennessee as well as nearby Nashville.
  • Substance Use Awareness for Hispanic History Month: Provided by the Gateway Foundation, a national non-profit, this guide is designed to increase awareness of substance abuse issues within the Latinx community.
  • The Summit Wellness Group: Drug rehab centers in Atlanta, GA that feature BIPOC staff and online resources for people of color.
  • SAMHSA’s Behavioral Health Equity for Hispanic & Latinxs: This SAMHSA-sponsored resource page provides a wealth of informative and actionable resources for Latinx people, young and old, to find help for substance abuse or mental health issues.
  • FindLuxuryRehabs.com: Lists the top luxury rehab centers in Tennessee.
  • 12 Hispanic Americans on Different Pathways to Addiction Recovery: This article by Alaine Sepulveda highlights the addiction recovery journeys of 10 prominent Latinx Americans. (The article is titled “12 Hispanic Americans” even though it only lists 10.)
  • Centric Behavioral Health: Rehab centers that offer specialized programs for young adults. They have an IOP in South Florida and a location in Tennessee.

Mental Health Resources for Latinx College Students

  • 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline: Dial 988 to be connected with Spanish speaking operators that can connect you with crisis services anywhere, anytime.
  • BestColleges.com – Breaking Down Mental Health Stigmas in the Latino/a Community: This guide by BestColleges is intended specifically for Latinx college students. They provide a wide range of helpful resources for Latinx students who may be struggling with mental health issues.
  • The Fireweed Collective: Offers crisis resources with a special focus on the BIPOC community.
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness – Hispanic & Latinx: This guide provided by NAMI provides both information and resources for Lstinx’s struggling with mental health issues.
  • Mental Health America – Latinx/Hispanic Communities and Mental Health: Mental Health America is a nationwide non-profit organization that works to improve access to mental health services. Their guide on Latinx mental health provides information and resources for anyone who may be struggling, or knows of someone who is struggling.
  • Latinx Therapists Action Network: This organization provides a directory of Latinx therapists who can provide culturally-competent therapy and mental health services to Latinx people.
  • Therapy for Latinx: As the name suggests, this is a Latinx therapist directory that can connect someone with a Latinx therapist anywhere in America.
  • Latinx Therapy: Again, the name says it all. This is a nationwide directory of Latinx therapists that is very easy to use.
  • Informed Immigrant: This website was created in the wake of the 2016 presidential election and is aimed at providing a diverse selection of resources for immigrants and Latinx people. Resources range from mental healthcare, to government programs, help for immigrant students, and more.
  • Find Recovery Now: Online mental health resources to support those dealing with mental illness.
  • Aakoma Project: The Aakoma Project is intended to provide help to young people of color all across America. Their website provides a variety of resources for Latinx college students and young adults.
  • Sanctuary Mental Health & Wellness: Mental health treatment center in nearby Knoxville, TN.
  • American Society of Hispanic Psychiatry: This is a national society that is dedicated to improving access to healthcare for Latinx people. This includes general healthcare as well as mental healthcare.
  • Inclusive Therapists: This website provides directories for therapists of color all across America in a variety of different fields. Through this site, you can find low-cost or free therapy, life coaches, teen therapists, marriage counselors, and more.
  • Casa De La Familia: This non-profit organization is committed to helping reduce the damage done by trauma and mental health issues among young people in America. Their website provides connections to mental health services as well as information about a variety of programs across the country. 

Helpful Videos for Latinx College Students

Social Media, Podcasts, and Articles for Latinx College Students

  • The Latinx Mental Health Podcast: This podcast delves into the state of LAtinx mental health in America and features prominent Latinx people who have overcome their own mental health struggles.
  • There Is Life After Addiction: This podcast shares a message of hope by sharing stories of recovery from addiction.
  • Brown Girl Self Care: This is both a blog and podcast that focuses the issues faced by women and girls of color in America.
  • AFFIRM: Hosted by Davia Roberts, this podcast is a deep dive into the challenges and struggles of women of color in contemporary America.
  • Medium – How Social Media Is Helping To Destigmatize Mental Health Among Older Latinx: This article on Medium explains how social media has been slowly removing the stigma of mental health issues that many older Latinxs may still carry.
  • Latinos & Mental Health – Current Issues and Reason for Hope: This article by Eric Moreno details the struggles of Latinxs within the mental healthcare landscape and also points out some promising new trends that have been developing over the last decade.

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