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The Effects of Combining Meth and Other Drugs

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The effects of combining meth and other drugs can be dangerous and deadly. Sometimes, people knowingly engage in this practice called polysubstance use. Other times, they do so without any indication they are combining substances, especially when they were produced illegally.

Meth Abuse Overview

Methamphetamine, commonly referred to as “meth,” is a powerful central nervous system stimulant. It produces feelings of euphoria and increased energy. Because these short-term effects can be so pleasurable, many people are compelled to use the drug repeatedly despite its potentially dangerous long-term consequences. 

According to the SAMHSA, around two million people aged 12 or older use meth regularly each year, and another 500 people try meth for the first time. Meth abuse can have severe physical consequences since it causes dehydration and increases the risk of stroke, heart attack, liver failure, and kidney damage. Additionally, meth abuse has been linked with an increased risk for mental health issues such as paranoia, hallucinations, aggression, and violent behavior. Prolonged use also leads to addiction.

The Dangers of Combining Meth and Other Drugs

Meth can be extremely dangerous when combined with other drugs such as alcohol, cocaine, opioids, and marijuana. Combining meth and these substances can increase the risk of overdoses or even death. Combining meth with certain types of antidepressants and antipsychotic medications can also be very dangerous since it may lead to an extreme reaction.

Effects of Meth and Alcohol

The effects of combining meth and alcohol are particularly dangerous to the liver since they both tax this organ, leading to potential liver damage or failure depending on the dosage used. Research has also suggested that using meth and alcohol together could disrupt normal heart function in ways that may lead to pulmonary hypertension, stroke, or sudden cardiac arrest.

Effects of Meth and Cocaine

The combination of these two drugs can be particularly perilous since they are both stimulants. Their combined effects increase risks of overdose, coma, and death, as well as cardiovascular complications such as arrhythmias, palpitations, tachycardia, hypertension, heart attack, and stroke. This combination could also lead to increased confusion, psychosis, delusions, hallucinations, and paranoia.

Effects of Meth and Xanax

Xanax acts as a depressant, and when combined with meth, a stimulant, it can counteract the effects of these drugs. The danger of combining meth and Xanax is that it leads to using more than one drug to achieve the desired effects. Unfortunately, this can quickly lead to overdose or even death. In cases where higher amounts of Xanax are used, it can lead to impaired physical coordination, loss of consciousness, and respiratory failure. 

Effects of Meth and Opioids

Another potentially deadly combination is using meth and opioids simultaneously. This combination is alarmingly dangerous and has a high potential for overdose or death. Meth masks the effects of opioids, leading to increased tolerance which could result in users inadvertently taking higher doses than their bodies can handle. In addition, this combination also increases the risk of severe respiratory failure. 

Effects of Meth and Marijuana

The combination of meth and marijuana can lead to increased anxiety, paranoia, or even psychosis in users. This combination also increases the risk of accidents due to impaired physical coordination, which could result in falls or car crashes. Finally, it could potentially hinder decision-making abilities and impair judgment, leading to risky behaviors or bad choices.

Warning Signs of Meth Overdose

Meth overdoses can be life-threatening and require urgent medical attention. Therefore it is essential to be familiar with the signs of an overdose so everyone knows when to seek help. Warning signs include:

  • Confusion
  • Agitation
  • Extreme Aggression
  • Anger
  • Shallow Breathing
  • Seizures
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Chest Pain
  • Irregular Heartbeat
  • Bluish-colored Lips or Fingers
  • Unconsciousness

It is essential to know combining meth and other drugs causes the warning signs of an overdose to vary. Suppose anyone presents with one or more of these symptoms after using meth and another drug. In that case, it is absolutely vital that emergency services are contacted immediately in order to avoid serious complications or even death.

Detoxing from Meth and Other Drugs

The detox process for meth and other drugs is a gradual one that usually involves several weeks or months of supportive care. The first step in this process often entails medical and psychological stabilization, accomplished by removing the user from the environment where they used the drug and providing them with a caring and supportive environment to detox safely.

During this process, medical supervision is crucial, and medications may be used to help reduce the more severe withdrawal symptoms. Once stabilized, the person is encouraged to participate in activities, such as talk therapy, group counseling, medication management, and lifestyle changes to help individuals overcome addiction

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