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Five Signs That Someone You Know Is Struggling With Alcohol

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Alcoholism, or alcohol abuse disorder, can affect the mind and body, causing a person to be unable to function properly throughout the day and to suffer from withdrawal symptoms when they have not had a drink in a while. When someone you know is struggling with alcohol addiction, it can put a strain on your relationship. 

It’s important to watch for these five telltale signs that this person may need help with treatment to overcome their addiction.

Five Signs of Alcoholism in Someone You Care About

  1. Health problems — Alcoholism can cause serious health effects on the human body. If someone you care about has been drinking a lot and their health appears to be on the decline, it may be that they are drinking too much and inadvertently altering their body to become physically dependent on alcohol.
  2. Strained relationships — A person’s pursuit of alcohol can put strains on families and friendships. The person you care about may drink at inappropriate times or occasions. They may drink too much. They may try to hide their drinking, so they distance themselves from you to spend time with alcohol instead.
  3. Neglected responsibilities — Becoming dependent on alcohol can cause someone to neglect their personal and professional responsibilities. School, work and family slowly take a backseat in priority to finding and consuming alcohol. If someone you know is neglecting their responsibilities and spending more time drinking, they may be struggling with alcoholism.
  4. Failed attempts to quit drinking — The person you care about may have mentioned they want to cut back on alcohol, but you notice they cannot or that they are drinking even more than before. Failure to quit drinking when they recognize the need to is a clear sign that they are physically or mentally dependent on alcohol.
  5. Suffering from a mental health disorder — While we would never imply that all who suffer from mental health disorders will struggle with addiction, it is not a secret that those who struggle with mental health disorders may turn to alcohol as a coping mechanism. If you know the person you care about is struggling with their mental health and they are exhibiting other signs of alcoholism, you may need to talk to them about getting help. 

Find Treatment from Alcoholism at Tulip Hill Recovery

It’s hard to watch someone you care about destroy themselves with alcohol, which is why the time to take action is now. If you believe someone you know is struggling with alcohol, you can contact Tulip Hill Recovery today to find out how we can treat them and how you can approach them about contacting us for treatment.

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