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Someone dealing with addiction to drugs or alcohol often doesn’t know where to turn. For this reason, they get sicker and even risk overdosing while putting off getting help. Rehab in Chattanooga, Tennessee offers world-class treatment for anyone struggling with a substance use disorder. First, we help a person recognize their illness. Then, we teach them to gain control of it, so they can recover and stay sober.

The Need for Rehab in Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga projects the charm of small-town life with the amenities of a big city. This makes it an ideal place for locals to live. Additionally, visitors enjoy spending time in the fourth largest city in Tennessee that overlooks the Tennessee River. This area offers chances to enjoy lots of outdoor activities. Along with that, people enjoy thriving shopping, dining, and cultural scenes. Nevertheless, a need for rehab in Chattanooga still exists. 

Chattanooga is part of Hamilton County. In 2019, a Hamilton County Community Health Profile report showed:

  • 21% of adults reported binge drinking or heavy drinking
  • In 2017, 85 people overdosed on drugs; 60 of them involved opioid drugs
  • 584 people visited the ER because of a drug overdose
  • 306 people who overdosed on drugs ended up hospitalized

As recently as 2020, 79% of drug deaths in Hamilton County involved opioids. The age group most impacted by overdose deaths includes those aged 35 to 44. This type of public substance abuse problem makes having an area rehab option important.

What Happens in Rehab?

Rehab in Chattanooga, Tennessee offers several options for therapy. Each option helps people dealing with addiction. Additionally, they can also help those who have mental health conditions.

Types of therapy offered include:

Individual Therapy: One-on-one counseling allows people to open up about their feelings and thoughts. They gain an understanding of why they became addicted. Then, they can learn to use healthy coping skills to replace the urge to use substances.

Group Therapy: Group therapy allows people with the same goals to come together in order to heal. Peer support often spurs people on to achieve great things in their recoveries.

Family Therapy: When a person becomes addicted, the whole family is impacted. As a matter of fact, entire relationships can break down. Family therapy teaches people to communicate, take responsibility, and put the past behind them. 

Holistic: This type of therapy involves non-medical approaches proven to help unite the mind, body, and spirit. It can include activities like yoga, meditation, acupuncture, mindfulness, and art therapy. 

EMDR: Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) helps people reduce and even eliminate trauma-related symptoms. A trained therapist guides a person’s eye movements while they recall the trauma they experienced. As a result, many people deal with fewer things like flashbacks and anxiety.

Aftercare: Once formal treatment ends, experts recommend people continue with some form of aftercare. This can include continuing individual or group therapy. Additionally, going to support groups, such as 12-Step groups can keep people focused on their sobriety.

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Benefits of Going to Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Going to our rehab in Chattanooga, Tennessee offers many benefits to those who need this service. First, it allows a person to admit they have a problem and need help. Second, they have a safe place to go and discuss their addiction. Then, the real work of recovery begins. 

Rehab helps a person understand why they developed an addiction. They can also learn how to change their behaviors and thought processes. Additionally, they can address the past issues that may have led to abusing drugs and alcohol. With this in mind, they learn healthy new coping skills and thinking patterns. This overhaul allows them to embrace sobriety and stay in it. 

Rehab provides many choices in treatments. Each is proven to help someone overcome their addiction. These options include different types of therapy. In addition, they learn ways to keep working on themselves after treatment ends.

Lastly, many rehabs offer treatment for mental health disorders. Many people who deal with an addiction also have at least 1 mental health condition. Being able to treat both conditions at the same time proves beneficial.  

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Will Insurance Cover Rehab in Chattanooga, TN?

Insurance can play a vital part in helping people pay for much-needed treatment. Someone who needs rehab may not realize that insurance likely covers it. Consequently, they miss out on getting the care they need. 

Anyone can contact their insurance company and ask questions about going to rehab. The company can let them know what services they cover and where. They can also discuss which family members are covered under their policy. The person should make sure they find out if a specific rehab program needs to be pre-approved. Otherwise, the insurance may not cover it.

Begin Rehab in Chattanooga, TN

Have you reached the point you need rehab for drugs or alcohol? If so, we know how to help you turn your life around. Our rehab in Chattanooga, Tennessee offers different types of outpatient therapy for substance use disorders. Additionally, we offer treatment for those around the Bowling Green, Kentucky area as well. We treat any accompanying mental health conditions. Let us help you put addiction in your past, then, you can live a healthy life without worrying about using drugs or alcohol again.

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