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Seven Reasons You Need to Look for Addiction Treatment Centers in Tennessee

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It’s society, drinking in social circles is normalized. The use of drugs often gets started from a prescription. Because alcohol and drugs are so accessible and frequently used, it’s no wonder that millions of Americans battle with addiction every year.

Do you drink alcohol frequently or use other substances, such as opioids? You might not feel like you have a problem with your drug or alcohol use, but it’s hard to see the signs of an addiction unless you’re on the outside.

Seven Reasons you Need to Look for Addiction Treatment Centers in Tennessee for Drug or Alcohol Addiction

There are treatment centers across the state of Tennessee that can help you recover from addiction and take back control of your life. However, the first step to getting treatment from addiction is to recognize and admit you have a problem in the first place.

Here are some signs you need to seek a professional for help with overcoming an addiction:

  1. Your doctor has recommended seeking help — If you’ve recently been to the hospital for a checkup or needed treatment for a health issue, your doctor may have noticed that you’re having issues related to drug or alcohol use. If your doctor points out that your drug or alcohol use is causing health problems, you may want to seek treatment.
  2. You have driven while drunk or high — Driving while intoxicated is reckless and illegal. People often take precautions to avoid drinking and driving, such as arranging rides with friends or calling a cab. However, if you make a decision to drive while under the influence (whether you get caught or not), it’s a solid indicator that you are losing control of the substance’s influence over your life.
  3. Your friends and family are concerned — Have your friends and family expressed concerns about your drug or alcohol use? You might not like what you hear and might deny that you have a problem. But it is important to remember that they wouldn’t bring these concerns to you if they didn’t have a reason. Reflect on the concerns your friends and family bring you, and be honest with yourself instead of retreating into denial.
  4. You’re falling behind in work or school — Are you missing out on work or school because of decisions revolving around drug or alcohol use? When drugs and alcohol replace other priorities in your life, you may be struggling with an addiction.
  5. You’re making poor decisions that affect yourself and others — Has your drug or alcohol use led you to make decisions that have harmed yourself or others? For example, your desire to obtain a substance may lead you to performing illegal activities to obtain it, such as stealing to get money to buy more.
  6. You experience withdrawal symptoms when not using — When you are not drinking or using drugs, do you feel like your body is going through withdrawal? Symptoms of withdrawal vary from substance to substance, but generally, you can tell something is wrong. Withdrawal symptoms may include shaking, fatigue, nausea, headaches, insomnia and more.
  7. You cannot quit no matter how hard you try — You recognized you’re having control issues and tried to quit by yourself. However, once an addiction has settled in your life, it is nearly impossible to quit on your own no matter how hard you try. If you’ve tried to quit before and had no success, it’s time to visit a professional who can help.

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