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The Common Connection Between Mental Health and Addictions

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Some people struggle with mental health disorders. Some people struggle with addiction. Then there are those who struggle with both. Those who struggle with both are known as having co-occurring disorders, both a mental health issue and a drug or alcohol addiction. It’s taken health care professionals a long time to realize this, but co-occurring disorders are more common than you might think.

Roughly 50% of people with severe mental health disorders suffer from substance abuse as well. This is typically attributed to the fact that people with severe mental health disorders who do not receive professional treatment frequently turn to self-medicating with substances or alcohol to cope with their symptoms. As the mental health disorder continues without treatment, the substance or alcohol abuse continues as well, leading to an addiction that creates a wide range of other issues.

Treating Mental Health and Addiction

Identifying co-occurring disorders in yourself or someone you care about is very difficult, which is why it should be left to the professionals. Pay attention to the signs of mental health disorder or addiction to get an idea of when you or someone you love needs help, but don’t attempt a diagnosis or treatment by yourself. This can lead to misdiagnosis and mistreatment that can end up making the condition worse.

Addiction treatment professionals and mental health professionals can work together to identify co-occurring disorders. They can form a dual diagnosis treatment that emphasizes recovery from addiction as well as helping you work through any mental health issues that fuel addiction. This often includes a strategy for developing healthier coping mechanisms for mental health disorder symptoms rather than using drugs or alcohol to cope.

This treatment approach can be more effective in helping you break free of your addiction and stay free from it because you are better equipped to deal with your personal challenges.

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