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What is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

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Life with a mental health disorder is hard. Depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress can drive you to turn to drugs or alcohol to cope. This is often why peoplrj3nnnze end up developing an addiction, which just adds to the list of challenges you face when you have a mental health disorder.

Historically, people seeking help for mental illness could be denied treatment if they were struggling with substance abuse. However, because substance abuse is often driven by the mental health disorder, it was practically impossible for someone to get clean and get the treatment they needed. 

To address this issue, addiction recovery centers developed the dual diagnosis treatment approach.

What is the Dual Diagnosis Treatment Approach?

Addiction recovery centers that specialize in the dual diagnosis approach recognize the need for treating both the addiction and the mental health disorders that drive it. Instead of drawing a line and saying you must treat one before the other, a dual diagnosis treatment center specializes in treating both at the same time.

In the dual diagnosis approach, addiction professionals and mental health professionals work in tandem to help clients recover from addiction and cope with mental health disorders that derive addiction. 

Addiction professionals help you safely stop using drugs or alcohol while also helping you develop the skills to live sober and independently after your recovery program. Mental health professionals work closely with you throughout your recovery process to help you develop healthy coping mechanisms that can replace your tendency for turning to drugs or alcohol to cope.

This approach can help someone with an addiction achieve recovery with less of a chance of relapsing because they now have the skills for dealing with mental health disorders that drive addiction. 

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