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Substance use disorder and addiction will turn a person’s world upside down. Everything from personal health and well being to relationships and work life can be negatively affected by dependency. Fortunately, Tulip Hill Recovery drug and alcohol rehab near Franklin, Tennessee is here to help.

We see clearly how damaging and destructive drugs and alcohol are to a person’s life. However, we believe through effective treatment, we can heal and even reverse substance abuse. By seeking treatment at our Tulip Hill rehab facility in Murfreesboro, Tennessee person can gain the fresh start that they deserve. A happy life free from the pains of addiction starts here.

The Need for Rehab in Franklin, TN

Located south of Nashville, Franklin, Tennessee has been a destination for tourists and locals alike for decades. Known for its historical significance, the city has a great deal to offer. Originating in 1799, the town’s name honors Benjamin Franklin. Today people largely visit for its historical landmarks. Boasting beautiful views and a host of natural wonders, it is no wonder that Franklin has become a popular destination.

Sadly, as with many other beautiful small towns, Franklin is not immune to the struggles of drug and alcohol dependency. In fact, Franklin adds fentanyl abuse to the list of drugs that are making life miserable for so many. Tulip Hill is proud to provide drug and alcohol rehab options that give hope and comfort to those struggling with chemical dependencies in the Franklin, Tennessee area.

Types of Drug And Alcohol Rehab Options for Franklin, TN Residents

Tulip Hill Recovery is a small, family-run drug and alcohol rehab center located near Franklin, Tennessee. Alternatively, with larger facilities, clients can sometimes get lost in the shuffle, not getting the care that they deserve. However, we are committed to providing intimate care at all levels, ensuring our clients leave with a renewed sense of purpose and vigor. 

Our Tulip Hill Recovery facility is proud to offer a dual-diagnosis program. This program can help to combat the struggles brought about by co-occurring mental health disorders. As such, our dual-diagnosis program can play an instrumental role in a person’s recovery.

When a person struggles with a mental health disorder, it can make dependency even more difficult to live with. Additionally, impulse controls, cravings, and risky behaviors can all be negatively influenced when there is an untreated mental health disorder present. By attacking dependency at its source, we allow individuals to thrive. Through treating clients with our dual-diagnosis program, we provide a unique path to wellness. Lastly, this path focuses on the complete individual, rather than only their substance use disorder.

Types of alcohol rehab in Franklin TN

Benefits of Going to Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Going through the rehabilitation process provides a person with a plethora of life-changing advantages. With the ultimate goal of lasting sobriety, Tulip Hill Recovery has the resources and programs necessary for holistic healing. As a result, these greatly reduce the chances of future relapse.

At Tulip Hill Recovery, we look at the underlying causes of dependency in order to help fight addiction at its source. By discovering an individual’s personal risk factors, a more comprehensive recovery plan can be put into effect. By immersing our clients in various types of therapies, we seek to heal a person as a whole. These therapies can be tremendously beneficial in combating not only substance use disorder, but also helping our clients manage their mental health and well-being. 

Some examples of our therapeutic programs include:

  • Group therapy
  • Complementary therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Experiential therapy
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy
  • Narrative therapy

In order to further promote wellness and mental health, our clients receive peer support. Through the challenges of recovery, many people find it easier to relate with and open up to others who can understand exactly what they are going through. 

Additionally, we encourage families to become a part of the recovery process. This is because addiction not only affects the individual but also their family and loved ones. Through our drug and alcohol rehab process, families in Franklin, Tennessee can heal together, while simultaneously learning healthy coping mechanisms that will last a lifetime.

People experiencing benefits of alcohol rehab near Franklin TN

Does Insurance Cover Drug and Alcohol Rehab?

Many of those entering the rehabilitation process are unaware of whether or not their insurance plan will cover their treatment. Fortunately, most insurance companies view addiction as an illness and do cover addiction treatment. Contacting a person’s insurance company directly is the best way to confirm whether or not they will cover treatment.

It is important to weigh out options because some companies may provide partial or full coverage depending upon a person’s insurance plan. Despite this fact, oftentimes a person needs pre-approval in order to guarantee coverage. We highly recommend they contact their insurance provider first. That way, they can get the best overall picture of their coverage options.

Begin Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Franklin, TN

At Tulip Hill Recovery, we are proud to offer options that can give you a new lease on life. Our compassionate and dedicated staff await you with open arms to support you during your personal recovery journey. We are proud to provide drug and alcohol rehab services to residents of Franklin, Tennessee. There has never been a better time to reclaim your freedom from dependency.

Contact our admissions page today, and take your first steps in your journey to lasting recovery.

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