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How to get help for opiate addiction without insurance

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Recognizing that you have an addiction and admitting you need help is the biggest first step you can take toward getting the treatment you need. However, many people never take a second step toward getting treatment because they’re afraid of the cost.

All Marketplace health care insurance plans provide some level of coverage for addiction rehab, but what if you don’t have an insurance plan? Does this mean you should avoid seeking treatment unless you have a lot of money?

We say absolutely not.

How can I get help for opiate addiction without insurance?

A Marketplace health insurance plan isn’t the only option you have for covering your addiction treatment. You may qualify for other types of coverage that may cover addiction treatment, such as Medicaid and Medicare. 

However, even if you do not qualify for any other coverage options, treatment is still available to you. Many rehab centers offer financial aid or financing options that allow you to cover the costs of treatment at a reasonable price.

At Tulip Hill Recovery, we are committed to making sure that anyone who contacts us seeking treatment gets the help they need. We lay out the costs upfront so you aren’t blindsided by an unexpected bill by the end of your treatment. And, if you cannot afford to cover the costs of your treatment, we are still committed to helping you find the treatment you need. All you have to do is reach out to our team for help and we will walk with you through every step of finding treatment, whether it’s with us or with someone else who is more suited to your needs.

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At Tulip Hill Recovery, we focus on discovering what factors in your life may be contributing to addiction in order to treat it at its main source. Our treatment model emphasizes the dual diagnosis approach, which means we treat addiction as well as co-occurring mental health disorders that might be fueling the addiction. This helps a person in recovery become better equipped for dealing with the challenges of mental health disorders without feeling like they need substances or alcohol to cope.

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